About Nutted Out Nutrition

At Nutted Out Nutrition we are dedicated to providing realistic, expert and personalised nutrition advice, to help you improve your health and lifestyle.

We specialise in targeting our knowledge directly to your needs. We know life is busy, so that’s why we have our offices in the city and easily accessible clinics in the eastern suburbs. We can help anyone reach their goal no matter your schedule or lifestyle. We are also flexible as we know your days are busy and meetings and tasks can pop up at anytime.

Nutted Out Nutrition is a team of Accredited Practising Dietitians and nutritionists:

  • Melissa Adamski APD, PhD candidate
  • Konsita Kuswara APD, ASD, PhD candidate
  • Christie Bennett APD. PhD candidate

We offer expert nutrition services conveniently located at three locations in Melbourne; Melbourne CBD and the eastern suburbs including Caulfield, Clayton and Scoresby

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