Our Dietitians

  • Melissa Adamski BSc MND APD PhD candidate
    Melissa Adamski BSc MND APD PhD candidate

    Melissa holds a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Food Science and Nutrition at the University of NSW and a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Sydney.

    As an experienced corporate dietitian, Melissa has extensive experience advising businesses on all things nutrition. This experience has been gained through working a variety of corporate nutrition including working at the Dietitians Association of Australia, as well as as Nutrition Manager at a number of corporate businesses.

    In addition to the above experience, Melissa is an Australian leader in the area of nutritional genomics, having worked as Nutrition and Education Manager for MyGene, a biotechnology company, for 3 years. Melissa has an extensive knowledge of the science of nutritional genomics, as well a working knowledge of the practical considerations of nutritional genomics, healthcare professionals, the healthcare framework and social and ethical issues.

    Along with her passion for working alongside business, Melissa also loves helping individuals reach their health goals, through providing evidenced based, practical and realistic advice in her clinic.

    Melissa currently manages Nutted Out Nutrition and provides nutrition appointments, along with working in the Nutrition and Dietetics department at Monash University.

    • Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA)
    • Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)
    • International Society of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics (ISNN)
    • Asia Pacific Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics Organisation (APNNO)
  • Konsita Kuswara BSc MND MPH APD PhD candidate
    Konsita Kuswara BSc MND MPH APD PhD candidate

    Konsita Kuswara was born in Indonesia and has called Australia home for over 20 years.  Since an early age Konsita has always had a strong interest in health and the idea of being able to improve health and prevent diseases through everyday foods inspired her to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics.  Konsita obtained her Master in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney in 2003 and has since worked in a variety of roles including rural QLD, community health, group nutrition education, hospital and private practice.  Konsita further completed additional qualifications in sports nutrition at Australian Institute of Sports and public health at Deakin University.  Currently, Konsita is primarily involved in private practice and research on infant/young children feeding with the Centre of Physical Activity and Nutrition (C-PAN) at Deakin University.

    Konsita specialises in family nutrition, including healthy pregnancy, appropriate pregnancy weight gain, pre and post pregnancy weight loss, infant feeding, food allergies and intolerances, fussy eating, childhood obesity, and family meal planning.  Parents are the nutrition gate of the house and have an important role in developing healthy eating habits for their children.   Organising family meals that are nutritionally sound, pleases everyone and time efficient is challenging.  Her passion is to help parents improve their eating habits, achieve optimum health and inspire their children to do the same.  As a healthcare professional, Konsita provides nutrition recommendations based on the best available evidence however she personalises the strategies according to the unique needs of each individual and family.

    In her free time, Konsita loves cooking and exploring how to make yummy food healthy and healthy food yummy! Her favourite food is anything spicy and full of herbs.  She refreshes her mind over coffee and a good read while the two young girls are sleeping.

  • Christie Bennett BND APD PhD candidate
    Christie Bennett BND APD PhD candidate

    Christie holds of Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics with Honours from Monash University, and is also currently completing a PhD at Monash University.

    Her project is focused on investigating factors that may influence weight gain during pregnancy, with a particular focus on sleep. She likes to bring the holistic, evidence-based approach from her research to her practice. Furthermore, she understands the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and factors that may influence this time.

    Christie is passionate about working with clients to make practical and realistic changes in their lives. She has worked as a nutrition advisor and procurement officer for a large campsite and therefore understands the challenges of balancing nutrition, taste, and inspiration with budgetary constraints.

    When Christie isn’t working, she loves cooking and sharing a meal with family and friends. She also enjoys playing netball, practicing yoga and walking (especially at the beach).