Nutritional Genomics services

Nutritional genomics is an important and relatively new area of science which looks at how genetics, nutrition and health all interact. It is an exciting  area of science which is leading the way in advancing personalised medicine and health.

Nutted Out Nutrition’s owner and Accredited Practising Dietitian, Melissa Adamski is an Australian leader and has extensive experience working in the area of nutritional genomics including research, implementation into health practice, ethics and in the development and interpretation of nutrigenetic tests. Melissa has presented research and information in the area of nutritional genomics at a number of conferences and seminars

We offer advice on a number of nutritional genomic services for researchers, healthcare professionals, consultancy groups, government and the general public in the areas of:

  • Translation of nutritional genomics evidence into nutrition practice
  • How to implement genetic testing services into a healthcare practice
  • Implications for healthcare providers and public health
  • Development of nutrigenetic tests
  • Interpretation of nutrigenetic test results
  • Ethical considerations for healthcare professionals, public health and individuals
  • Development of training and educational courses in nutritional genomics

Contact Melissa Adamski on to learn more about this cutting edge of science and how we can provide you with expert advice.

Spiral strand of DNA on the dark background