Sport nutrition services

Good nutrition is essential for performing at your best, whether you are an elite athlete looking for an edge or someone wanting to perform at their best in local sports or achieving better results at the gym.

Nutted Out Nutrition has an Accredited Sports Dietitian certified by Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA).

All dietitians are knowledgeable in providing nutrition advice for health and exercise, however Accredited Sports Dietitians are the elite sport and industry recognised experts in performance and sports nutrition. They undertake ongoing practical training and accreditation to maintain their skills in applying the latest sports nutrition science to assist fuelling for training, events and to measure and manipulate body composition.

“Accredited Sports Dietitians help you feel better, be healthier and achieve more with expert guidance on your body’s nutritional needs – from maximising energy levels, and knowing what to eat before, during and after competition to maintaining appropriate body fat levels.” – SDA website

Nutted Out Nutrition’s sport nutrition services help you have the edge and reach your goals.

Individual Appointments

Feeling fatigued during a long run; confused about all the information online regarding protein; looking to build muscle mass; competing in a specific event; unsure whether a supplement is right for you; wondering what the right intake of protein, carbohydrate and fluids are for you? The questions are endless and our individual appointments can help you answer these.

  • Initial sports nutrition appointment( 60 minutes) – $132
  • Review sports nutrition appointment (30 minutes)- $82

Sports Nutrition Seminars

  • Eating and Drinking to maximise fuels for sport and body composition
  • Event nutrition:  What to eat and drink during longer exercise events
  • Recovery nutrition: Tips, strategies, foods to choose and why
  • Resources and fact sheets

Or our sports dietitian can develop and deliver on any sports nutrition topic targeted to your group’s specific concerns or needs ie. bulking up, specific event/sport nutrition. If you are interested in these services– please contact us for more information.