Basil- to store in the fridge or not?

So I have always stored my fresh basil (bought from the supermarket)  in the fridge along with my other herbs until the other day! I was at my local fresh food store and couldn’t find any basil in the chilled section even though they had about 20 other herbs. I assumed they were but thought to ask anyway. I was told that they keep it in a non chilled section as storing it in the fridge makes it lose its flavour.

So now when I buy fresh basil I don’t keep it in the fridge, but on the bench in water (if it has roots)- hoping that it will make a difference with the delicious flavour I love!

My question is- is it true? Does anyone know if this is correct?

I thought everyone out there that buys fresh basil and finds it doesnt last as long, may like to try this tip and see if it helps.

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