Could you benefit from seeing a Sports Dietitian?

Are you:

  • Helen Duong
    Helen Duong APD, AN, ASD – Our senior sports dietitian

    Training for a marathon? (First or your tenth…)

  • Playing a sport such as AFL, Rugby, cricket, soccer, tennis
  • A weekend warrior?
  • Regular gym goer?
  • Have body fat% goals
  • Looking to increase muscle mass
  • Confused about sports supplements and wan to know if what you are taking is working and good for you?
  • A professional/elite athlete
  • Looking to become more active

Then you could benefit from seeing one of Nutted Out Nutrition’s Accredited Sports Dietitians.

Our sports dietitians are accredited through Sports Dietitians AustraliaΒ and are passionate about helping you reach your training, performance and health goals – all in one.

There is so much misinformation and myths around on the internet about nutrition, diet and sports and exercise; our dietitians are experts in providing you with the most cutting edge, evidence based advice so you are at your best.

Our dietitians will provide advice on a number of areas:

  • Konsita Kuswara
    Konsita Kuswara, APD, AN, ASD One of our sports dietitians

    Dietary analysis

  • Supplement advice
  • Hydration
  • Competition eating
  • Meal planning specific to your training regime
  • Anthropometric measurements including skinfolds and body analysis

Many people think that eating well for their training is easy and that they dont need advice, however sports nutrition is quite complex with many factors to be taken into consideration.

Why not make an appointment so you can get the right advice to be at your best, no matter what your training and performance goals are and no matter if you are keeping active to stay fit, or are a professional athlete. Our sports dietitians will tailor their advice specifically to your needs.

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