Delicious cooking vs healthy cooking- introducing Sprout Cooking!

Do you use a recipe from a famous chef’s cookbook or do you use a recipe from a ‘healthy’ cookbook? This is the question posed to me by patients, friends and family who all think that healthy food is tasteless and boring… gosh even hubby roles his eyes when I try and introduce him to a new recipe (always assuming he will not like it).

While researching recipes for dinner parties and reading recipes in one of my favourite magazines (Australian Healthy Food Guide) I made the most fabulous discovery- Sprout Kitchen!

Callum Hann (runner up in Master Chef) has teamed up withΒ Themis Chryssidis, an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and personal trainer with a passion for healthy eating and helping people improve their health!

“Sprout is a hands-on, totally interactive healthy cooking school, run by Accredited Practising Dietitian Themis Chryssidis and celebrity cook Callum Hann.”

“Sprout cooking classes are tailored for you, your life and your health. At Sprout, we teach you how to cook in a fun and non-intimidating environment. Unlike most cooking classes, which base their classes around a particular cuisine or style of cooking, we base ours around you and your needs. All recipes are nutritionally adequate and have been designed according the theme of each class, which is based on your dietary requirements, cooking ability and budget.”

How fabulous!!!!!! Having a chef teach you how to make scrumptious meals, while a dietitian helps you tailor those meals to be healthiest for you!

Imagine how popular your dinner parties and bbq’s will be when people you invite know that when they come around they will be served healthy delicious food! And that when you get home from work, no longer are you unexcited about a boring healthy salad but your mouth will be watering with the fabulous healthy options you will now be cooking.

Nutted Out Nutrition thinks this is such an amazing idea and its great to see a chef and dietitian come together and explore food options together!

Check out Sprout Cooking and begin your learning today! I know we would like to have a few lessons in their kitchen!

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