What does a dietitian eat for lunch?

Due to the popularity of one of our previous posts on ‘what Β a typical dietitian eats for dinner‘, we are going to start posting more examples of what the team here at Nutted Out Nutrition eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We hope you are inspired and start to see that healthy eating isn’t about counting kilojoules, but it is about getting back to learning about foods and about balance.

Easy said right? But maybe not easy to do? That’s ok- remember the team at Nutted Out Nutrition have studied nutrition for 4-5 years each! That is why we are here to help you. So if you want to learn more, then contact us and make an appointment so we can help you reach your health goals.

But anyway, back to lunch…

So I was on my way out to a meeting and wasn’t sure about the food options or when I would even get to eat, so I decided to be prepared- a quick meal made with leftovers that isn’t massive (so I am stuffed and if the meeting has food then I am over eating). But it is enough to keep me going in case there is not food and by the time I come out I am starving and reach for the closest food (which is likely to be unhealthy).

Adding the vegetables

So I checked out my fridge, grabbed some leftover vegetables, chicken, cheese, a wrap and some sweet chilli sauce to drizzle- and look how delicious these simple ingredients can be!!!

Now I know what you are thinking…. easy if you were at home (which I was this day), but at Nutted Out Nutrition we can discuss what a ‘typical’ work day is like for you and give realistic, healthy options for your lifestyle.

I always try and encourage my clients to be organised and always have some simple vegetables etc in the fridge- now I know this is not always the case, even us dietitians are guilty of being caught out sometimes- but most of the time we make sure we have our cupboards stocked of some basic staple so when the unexpected pops up we aren’t caught out.

And if you cant take lunch to work, then at least having some healthy snack staples at work for those days when you get to work and realise you have meetings from 9-3pm and not time for lunch (so you get to 3pm, are ravenous and run down to the nearest cafe that is closing up and you grab whats left (which is usually not healthy or what you enjoy)!


And the final product! Delicious chicken, cheese and vegetable, high fibre wrap!

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