Don’t let the kilo creep get you this winter! Weight loss with Nutted Out Nutrition is easy!

Wow, I am amazed how chilly much of Australia has got over the last week.

For everyone in Melbourne I am sure you will agree with me; I have slowly been watching the temperature in our house creep closer towards 10 degrees each morning.

What is your first reaction to this cooler weather? Warming and comforting foods? Curling up with your favourite blanket while watching the latest movies and TV shows? And how about your exercise? Are your morning workouts still happening or are they turning into arms workouts while hitting the snooze button.

Well all of us from Nutted Out Nutrition can relate to this! Just because we are dietitians does not mean we are not human; we don’t necessarily like salads in winter either. And that is what got me thinking… how important it is to be aware of the how small changes to your routine over winter can results in unwanted kilograms that just may cause your beloved spring clothes to fit a little more snuggly than you would like.

Prevent unwanted weight gain over winter- make an appointment to see our dietitians

We can help you! Nutted Out Nutrition loves nothing more than helping people reach their health goals, while still enjoying life! So we want to help you not put any weight on over winter, while still eating all those yummy warming foods and curling up in front of the heater with your favourite book and glass of wine.

Make an appointment with us to have a dietitian personalise your winter action plan, so hen spring rolls around you wont need to slog it out trying to remove months of kilogram creep.

Check out our partners

Urban Workout: experts in personal training! With their own fully equipped studio, you can workout with them in the comfort of a nice and warm environment. No facing the chilly Melbourne weather at 6am working out with these fantastic trainers!

Performance and Sports Psychology Clinic: experts in performance psychology. Now before you think this isnt relevant to winter and weight loss, an appointment with these experts is essential. Understanding why you do certain things can be key to your performance- including why you choose to workout or eat certain foods. Learn how you can overcome hitting that snooze button so you can glide through winter like you are motivated in summer!

Watch the website!

After the success of our Christmas tips, we will be posting healthy winter tips on our website!


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