Don’t let the busy end of year celebrations get in the way of reaching your goals!

The end of year is fast approaching- I cant believe it is almost December 2015!

But just because we are heading into the silly season, this doesn’t mean all your hard work has to go out the window. Or don’t just resign yourself to the fact that it is a busy end of year and there is nothing you can do to stay on track.

Nutted Out Nutrition - Christmas strawberries
My strawberry Santas- how cute!

There are many ways you can stay on track to reach your health goals while also enjoying yourself – it doesn’t have to be one of the other.

Also dont think that booking an appointment and seeing a dietitian for advice on food, nutrition and health is a waste of time at this year- it most certainly is not! Many people just think “oh ill wait to the new year before doing anything” but the new year can turn into end of January (when you are back at work and kids are back at school) and next thing it is 3 months since you first thought about seeking advice before you actually do. If you had sought advice end of year- you could be 3 months closer to reaching your goals, and also have minimised any setbacks over the festive season.

So don’t put it off- we can tailor our advice to your own unique situation over holiday season so you can work towards reaching your goals, while also enjoying yourself. This time of year is meant to be fun, enjoyable and relaxing- so throw away food anxiety and learn how to eat well while celebrating.


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