Festive Season Exercise Tips- Staying in shape over Christmas

Following on with our ‘festive season’ blog topics, we thought we would ask the fabulous guys at Urban Workout for some tips for fitting in physical activity during the busy festive season. Just because it is party season and everyone starts getting really busy, it isn’t an excuse to not be physically active. Yes your usual routine may be hard to fit in and in some cases impossible, but that doesn’t mean you cant look for other ways of being physically active- remember don’t look for ways to avoid physical activity, look for ways to fit it in!

So read the great information and tips from Andrew and the team at Urban Workout below:

From the Urban Workout team 

As we head into December and the festive season many of us are bracing ourselves for the hectic schedule that comes with this time of year. Christmas shopping, drinks with friends and family, meals out, school holidays about to begin and organising travel plans all take time and we start to ask ourselves the question ‘when will we have time to exercise’?

Meet the Urban Workout team- Andrew, Deeahn and Royden

A great starting point is to be realistic and to accept that there is bound to be some indulging over the season, and your regular exercise routine is going to be disrupted. As we all know exercise helps to improve energy levels, reduce stress and anxiety, improve self confidence and self worth along with maintaining a healthy body weight. So during a time when we need it most is it a good idea to get despondent and to throw in the towel until the new year when “I get back into a routine”? I think not…

So along with a positive and realistic attitude about exercise during the season what are some other simple tips and hints to negotiate your way through this period?

  • Shopping – Whilst out shopping don’t do as you would normally and drive around and around looking for the closest park. It is hard enough finding a park as it is! Park as far away as you can and walk- depending on your shopping centre you may walk anywhere from an extra 0.5-1km than you would have. And whilst in the shopping centre always opt for the stairs, as opposed to the lift or escalator. (And Mel would like to add a suggestion- soak up the atmosphere, enjoy browsing and keep walking back and forth- you may just walk an extra couple of km by doing an extra couple of laps around the shopping centre).
  •  Drinks – If catching up with friends for drinks make a pact with each other that you will meet up the following day to go for a walk, swim or game of beach volleyball/cricket. Any exercise you might enjoy that gets the body moving.
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day – More often than not on these days we gorge ourselves with way too much food and the only exercise we manage is moving from the table to the couch where an afternoon nap generally follows. As suggested by the girls at Nutted Out Nutrition, practice mindful eating (check out the post here)  and introduce some exercise that everyone participates in. Not only will it make you feel better, but it will also help to balance out the calorie ledger. 
  • Be conscious of, and increase your incidental exercise – Rather than the Christmas images of roaring log fires and snowmen, in Australia we are blessed with sunshine, sand and swimming as part of our festive season. So take advantage of it. Make an effort to use the car or public transport as little as possible and walk to places when possible, or pull the bicycle out of the garage. You may also find that these changes are sustainable and you continue them into the new year.
  • Increase the intensity of your exercise – Time may be at a premium so increase how hard you work, but don’t exercise as long. Go for a faster walk or jog and push more than you normally would.

So enjoy the festive season, stay positive and hopefully, with these tips, when life returns to normal in January you can begin 2014 with a flying start.

If you would like to get more specific exercise advice and maintain your weight over Christmas, contact Urban Workout. Don’t wait until 2014- start now and you may keep a couple of kilograms off this Christmas!


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