Festive Season is fast approaching…

So here it comes! The festive season is fast approaching and with comes the niggling thoughts in the back of our heads of a few extra kilos possibly coming this way too.

It’s that time of year where Christmas parties, family get-togethers and time with friends seem to not only be on every weekend in December but also during the week too.

To help you through the silly season, Nutted Out Nutrition will be bringing back it’s series of blogs around the festive season with hints and tips to help keep you on track with your health goals, while also enjoying your self. We do not suggest hibernating and not attending events, but we also don’t suggest you go all out and put your health goals on hold until January- lets look at somewhere in between.

1. Firstly, think about what you want to aim for. Remember you need to keep your expectations realistic. For example if you having been losing weight, don’t keep trying to lose weight. Aiming for weight maintenance over the Christmas period is much more realistic and achievable. If you have been training and you find it harder to fit your training sessions in and eat right, we can help you keep as on track as possible.

2.Β Next make an appointment with us so we can help you put a game plan together- we want you to have fun and enjoy foods and drinks- not constantly worrying about what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. We can tailor a plan to your lifestyle over the next 6 weeks to help you reach you goals, what ever they may be. You can book a series of appointments so we can help you stay on track or just a once off to guide you through the better choices at parties- we have many options to suit what you need.

Remember we are easily located in Melbourne CBD, Southbank and Albert Park– easy for an appointment during your lunch break, before or after work!

3. Keep an eye on our blog for tips and hints!

Remember it is a tough time of year for health goals, but it is a time to be enjoyed and you can keep on track. Just a little planning and nudge in the right direction and you will be setting your new years resolutions in no time (and hopefully 5kgs lighter).

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