Festive Season Party Ideas- Healthy Sausage Rolls

OK, so here is the second post in our festive season blogs on having a fabulous festive season, while still reaching your health goals.

As a mum and dietitian, I am always looking for healthy and fun recipes that kids will love making and eating. I came across a recipe for healthy sausage rolls to make with my family and thought they would also be a great idea to make for Christmas parties! So I thought I would share ideas for sausage roll recipe makeover.

My healthy sausage rolls- great for end of year parties!

Sausage Role Filling

Sausage rolls are usually made with sausage mince (hence the name), which as you can imagine is very high in saturated fats and energy. So the first thing I did was switch the sausage meat and used half lean pork mince and half lean beef mince (I used 500g of each). This way the energy content is reduced and yet the flavours are still delicious!

Original sausage rolls do not usually have any vegetables in them (well maybe a little onion) and so there is great potential here to boost the nutrition! I added sauteed onion to these and next time I make them  I will add grated carrot and  zucchini. What a great way to no only sneak vegies in for kids but also bumping up your vegetable intake during the time of year when most peoples’ eating is way out of whack!


Ok, so now we have a healthy filling with lean meat and vegetables but now lets add some flavour! Instead of using lots of salt lets look to some healthier options. I used 3 garlic cloves for this amount of filling, parsley, pepper and reduced salt and sugar tomato sauce but you can use any herbs and spices you would like (I have heard thyme and rosemary go really well).


Hmmm I couldn’t find the right word… buy wrapping I mean the replacement for pastry. As much as pastry is tasty, it is high in energy and quite fatty and greasy so I looked around for an alternative. I don’t usually mention brands, but in this recipe I used Goodness Superfoods Wraps instead of pastry. These wraps are great as they are higher in fibre and lower in salt than most other brands. So by using these wraps I boosted the fibre content of the sausage rolls- which once again during the festive season is important as most people don’t get enough fibre when they are following a healthy normal routine- let alone when they are out of routine!

Once they were all prepared and ready to be popped in the oven, I glazed the tops of the sausage roles with a little egg white!

So there you go…one recipe makeover idea for when you are throwing a end of year party. Forget the ones in a box which by the time you cook them the filling seems to shrink and you are left with a mouthful of pastry, and try making these simple, healthy yet delicious sausage rolls. And think how much you guests will love them when they know they are great for them. (Just remember though even though we have made them healthier, doesn’t mean you can eat double).



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