Free ‘nutrition in sports’ lecture by Sports Dietitians Australia

Looking to improve your endurance performance? Doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or you are looking to complete your first half marathon, come to a free lecture by Sports Dietitians Australia to learn the importance of nutrition and exercise performance. Pop it in your diary for October 2013!

This free lecture is by Alan McCubbin who is the vice president of Sports Dietitians Australia and will provide latest research in nutrition and exercise and also provide practical solutions for your training program.

As a sports dietitian myself, I know the importance of having the right nutrition for the right exercise/sport and encourage everyone to have an appointment with a sports dietitian to learn about your individuals needs. I have packages available for sports nutrition consultations and body measurements to help you optimise you performance.

Oh and reading this wondering what is an Accredited Sports Dietitian and do I need one- here is some information for all you need to know! But in a nutshell we are dietitians who are the experts in the field of sports nutrition and work with many elite athletes, sporting teams and individuals into physical activity.

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