Healthy delicious lasagne- is there such a thing?

So when I first pitched this to my other half it was met with a sideways look that said ‘yeah right’!!! Well didn’t I prove him wrong!

I love pasta and I absolutely LOVE lasagne! Everything in moderation and healthy portion sizes! So I thought hmmm I would love to try a different kind of lasagne and make them not only healthy but delicious too!

So how does a pumpkin, ricotta and chicken lasagne sound? (Tips are not in order of making- just some tips on making it healthier)

How I did it… Well first as with any pasta dishΒ I know I need to pack a punch with vegetables. So I lined up a whole bunch of silver beet, 1/4 large butternut pumpkin, whole red onion, 3 tomatoes and egg plant.

Then cut a lean chicken breast… And couldn’t go past flavourings- who needs salt when you have garlic, smoked paprika, oregano, basil and thyme to add!!!!

Lasagne wouldn’t be the same without cheese- so I added extra light ricotta (mixed with the pumpkin, chicken, onion, spinach and eggplant mix), little bit of light cottage cheese and light grated cheese just for browning on the top.

And most importantly is watching out for pasta portion- only 2 layers of pasta sheets (instead of about 10 that you find in restaurants!!!!). It did take a while to convince the other half but when he tasted all flavours together he didnt miss the extra sheets.

So these are just some tips for transforming a lasagne! Remember- it doesn’t have to be like in the restaurants! Try bulking up the filling (with vegies) and reducing the pasta- you may be pleasantly surprised!!!!

Now I would have taken a picture- however I found the other half serving up and having a bite before I could get back with my camera! Must have done something right πŸ˜‰

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