Helen cooks up a ‘Storm’

As a sports dietitian, my passion is nutrition and sports and I always am looking for ways of promoting healthy delicious foods with Australia’s great sporting teams.

I recently conducted a cooking class with Melbourne Storm Under 20’s where we ‘cooked up a storm’!!

The boys learnt about Β incorporating delicious flavours together to create a fabulous stir fry, while still getting all the nutrition they need to fuel their bodies for their strenuous training sessions.

Learning cooking skills and being inventive in the kitchen are great skills to have to to be able reach your nutrition goals. As boys learnt- its not hard to cook, its fun and you can have a fabulous time with your mates Β (even for the boys!!!!).

If you are a sports team and would like nutrition advice for your team please contact us! Nutrition is essential for optimal performance and we can help provide your team with the winning edge.

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