Introducing Urban Workout! Your personal training experts!

Nutted Out Nutrition believes both good nutrition and physical activity go hand in hand for you to be at your best.

So we have teamed up with Urban Workout in Melbourne to offer our clients a complete approach to reach their health goals.

Urban Workout offers personalised training programs and group classes to help individuals improve their well-being and fitness. Like Nutted Out Nutrition’s approach to nutrition, the team at Urban Workout believe in long-term physical activity changes that fit in with your lifestyle- you wont find ‘fad exercise’ approaches with this professional team.

Meet the Urban Workout team- Andrew, Deeahn and Royden

With their own health and fitness studio located in Albert Park, the team at Urban Workout offer a range of personalised training services including:

  • Energy levels, weight loss and well being
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Strength, fitness and mobility
  • Improved posture and core stability
  • Pre and post natal physical activity
  • Group sessions or one-on one
  • Individually tailored programs

So now you can reach your health goals with expert nutrition advice from one of our dietitians and expert physical activity advice from one of the team at Urban Workout.

Urban Workout offers a special introductory offers for clients of Nutted Out Nutrition- so please contact one of the Nutted Out Nutrition team or contact Urban Workout Β and mention Nutted Out Nutrition to receive your special offer from Urban Workout!


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