Quesadillas- dietitian style recipe makeover

So I was really disappointed recently when I chose a quesadilla while eating out- what a soggy cheesy (like glue) flat couple of pieces of wrap it was (there was only a hint of the toppings’ described on the menu)!


With all the fantastic Mexican and Southern American food around in Melbourne at the moment- some still try and serve the ‘fast food variety’ which is usually just a cheesy, soggy tasteless mess. And even many recipes for Mexican areΒ Β laden with cheese, sour cream and oil.

So I thought I would post a couple of picture of quesadillas that I make with my own recipe (and I know they are yummy as hubby asks for them all the time- and that’s usually the taste test lol) and also give a couple of hints at some recipe swaps you can make to your own quesadillas.

First of all, I bake the wraps (which of course are lower salt, highest fibre one’s I can find)- not fry them. So stick the bottom wrap in the over while it gets nice and crunchy and while it is doing that I make the filling.

My quesadilla filling

Now you can have anything in your quesadilla toppings you like- mine is probably not ‘traditional Mexican’ but it works for hubby and I. My first goal is to get as many vegetables in as possible. I like to use red onion, tomato, capsicum and baby spinach (and I am not talking one tiny piece of tomato each- I mean that hubby and I get at least 3 serves of vegetable EACH in the mixture).

Chicken breast is my protein of choice (but once again you can use what you like).

And spices- spices make the recipe! Tumeric, cumin and smoked paprika are some that I love! I use these instead of the packet mixes which are full of salt!

Now to make it a little saucy I use a few dolops of extra light cream cheese and stir it through till melted.

And that’s it…EASY!

Once I spread the mixture onto the base wrap thats when I sprinkle light grated cheese on top of mixture and then for hubby it’s chilli and jalepenos. A fresh wrap on top and bake in oven until as crispy as you like it!

And now ready to eat! Look at all those healthy vegetables in the filling!


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