Secrets to weight loss

Long term weight loss is a goal that many people aspire to reach, however for many isn’t something that can be achieved easily. Research shows that most people that lose weight through ‘dieting’ regain the weight they lost within 2-3 years and the faster the weight is lost, the faster they gain it back..

However, there is a small percentage who were successful in losing weight and kept it off for more than 5 years.  What are their secrets?

The National Weight Control Registry in the U.S. has tracked over 10,000 people and found these common characteristics in successful long term losers:

  • Set your priorities right – whether it’s to get healthier, look better or keep up with the grandchildren, making healthy lifestyle a priority is a must.  Losing weight involves a lifestyle change and so you are more likely to keep up motivation when you have a tangible goal.
  • Consistency – successful losers maintain a consistent eating pattern across weekdays and weekends.  Fad diets work in the short term but unless there is a change of priorities and habits, the weight will eventually creep back up.
  • Social support – behavior change is most likely to persist when you have to be accountable.  Get a friend or spouse to support you and even better do it with you to increase your chance to become successful losers.  Monitoring your weight and habits will also help to keep you on track
  • Physical Activity – successful losers in the registry reports an average of 1 hour of moderate to high intensity exercise per day, most days per week.  Find an activity that you enjoy, get a friend to go with you and stick at it.  One way to challenge yourself is to ‘earn’ your TV time.  So if you’ve spent 1 hour exercising, then you can sit down and watch TV for 1 hour.  Reducing sedentariness is also an effective strategy to get more activity in the day.

Looking to lose weight and reach your health goals? We can help! Dietitians are the most appropriate experts to advise on nutrition and weight loss.

As an experienced dietitian in weight loss, contact me to make an appointment today. I am located conveniently in Melbourne CBD and Albert Park so you can easily pop in for an appointment during work hours or after hours.

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