Tips for lowering salt: get back to spice basics

Okay so I am sure we are all guilty of a quick short cut or two in the kitchen when we are time pressed. If my partner and I come home late from work after work I always try and cook a fresh dinner though- no just toast and peanut butter as a dinner in my house! This is because dinner is one of the main meals we both get 3 serves of vegetables- so I make sure we get it.

BUT… sometimes cooking everything from scratch is hard when you are home at 9pm and trust me, hubby isnt after steamed vegies and poached chicken every time this happens. So I used to keep wraps, salad and lean mince ready for a quick tacos/burritos meals to keep him interested but also having a balanced meal. However I admit that I kept a salt reduced taco seasoning in the cupboard to help quicken the process (and give hubby the taste he loves).

This works well however I am now on a personal campaign to lower the salt in my diet (even though its pretty low already). 80% of the salt we eat comes from foods purchased out or in the supermarket. So I am being a campaign to lower the salt even further through small achievable changes.

So I went back to basics- enter cumin and tumeric. When looking at the taco season sachet I saw these were the main spices. Now I have always cooked a lot with herbs, but spices seemed to allude me a bit. But no more!!!!

I now flavour my mince with cumin, tumeric and only a tiny tiny sprinkle from a premade taco sachet. I feel I have at least halved the salt from the this meal, while also keeping hubby happy (you need food to be tasty and delicious other wise he wont eat it and will eat out with friends and then he will eat even more salt than if I had just put a sprinkle in).

So compromise I do and the result is fabulous! A balanced healthy meal, deliciously tasty and hubby loves fresh healthy cooking!

If you are looking for ideas to spice up your cooking, contact us for an appointment!

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