Want to know more about the ‘latest most popular diets’ and whether they are any good?

Nutted Out Nutrition is celebrating Australia’s Healthy Weight Week by presenting a seminar on The Perfect Diet on Monday 9 February at 7.30pm at the fabulous Urban Workout

Nutted Out Nutrition - ahww
Is there such a thing as the ‘perfect diet’?

Konsita and I will be there to present the latest information on a range of diets that have been in the media recently to help you understand more about them and navigate your way through a whole lot of misinformation that may be floating around out there!

Its that time of the year when many of us are looking to make healthy changes in our life; some due to new year resolutions we made, some due to health challenges such as FebFast and some due to things we see in magazines and on the TV. BUT what should you follow? The latest diet trend? The latest weight loss product in a pharmacy? Oh the list is endless…

So if you are near the Albert Park area in Melbourne and looking to learn more about the seminar then contact Urban Workout

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