Want to see what a typical dietitian eats for dinner?

So all the dietitian’s at Nutted Out Nutrition always get asked ‘what do we eat’? ‘How do we stay healthy’? I think people must think we survive on lettuce and celery which couldn’t be further from the truth.

We love our food and love trying new things! To me dinner is very important and I love experimenting with delicious yet healthy dishes. So I came across this fabulous recipe in Australian Healthy Food GuideΒ  – Roasted Cauliflower, Chicken and Rocket Risotto- YUM!!!!! How great does it sound!

Vegetables, protein and small amount of carbohydrate to refuel after a training session- yes please! So I thought I would show you pictures of my end result!

Always remember- eating healthy does not mean a life of tuna and salad (ugh how boring day in and day out). I would love to teach you how you can enjoy all the foods you love and introduce you to easy, healthy cooking (dont freak out or turn off if you lead a busy lifestyle- tailoring it to your lifestyle is easy).

Make an appointment to see me or Konsita to hep you love your food, enjoy your life and also reach your health goals.

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