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Nutted Out Nutrition has been providing realistic, expert and personalised nutrition advice, to help people improve their health and lifestyle over the last 10 years in Melbourne. And we are very excited to have launched our innovative new travel nutrition services in addition to our corporate nutrition services and personal nutrition services.

We specialise in providing expert online nutritionist and online dietitian services as we understand that there can be challenges attending regular nutrition appointments, especially if you are a frequent flyer always about to step on a plane. Our founder Melissa Adamski APD wants your experience with attending appointments to be as convenient as possible, and so if you have challenges stepping out of work to attend an appointment, or are unwell, we can organise online nutrition appointments (if appropriate). 

So to celebrate our travel nutrition services, here is a picture of our frequent flyer dietitian, Mel, on one of her many overseas trips. She was checking out Qantas First Class to bring advice on what to eat while flying to Europe!

Follow her travels on our Instagram for the latest advice on what to eat on a plane, in a hotel or airport lounge, or on the road.

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