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At Nutted Out Nutrition, we understand that managing your diet can sometimes be difficult and there is no one size fits all approach to eating and health.

We currently provide expert advice on food, nutrition and health in three main areas:

Melissa (our frequent flyer and corporate dietitian) has chosen to focus on providing advice in these areas due to her extensive experience working in corporate environments and traveling for both work and for fun. Not only does she understand the challenges these environments can bring to eating well, but she also is passionate about helping people get back to enjoying food and reducing restrictive diets. It can be a fine line to walk (as sometimes food restrictions are necessary for health e.g. allergies and other areas of medical nutrition therapy), but she works closely with clients to help them get back to eating well and enjoying food.

Learn about Melissa’s experience with travel, and check out her food and nutrition reviews of airport lounges and plane food.

We provide personal consultations for a range of other areas of diet and nutrition. 

Nutrition Services - Nutted Out Nutrition

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dietitians provide personalised food and nutrition recommendations. During the initial appointment, we will discuss your medical history, any blood test results you may have, a diet history (which is basically all the foods you eat), lifestyle factors such as sleep, physical activity etc, and your goals and eating preferences. We take all this into account before providing personalised food and nutrition recommendations tailored to you.

Initial appointments are 1 hour and cost $150, while review appointments are 30 mins and cost $95. Private health insurance and Medicare rebates may be available – please check with your insurance or Doctor.

We understand it can be hard to attend medical and health appointments face-to-face for many reasons including it being hard to get time off work, feeling unwell, finding it hard to have someone mind children etc. So we wanted to make it as easy and convenient for clients to attend nutrition appointments and make them more available. Please note we understand online dietitian and online nutritionist services may not be suitable for everyone, and for some conditions obtaining nutrition advice in face-to-face appointments within a medical centre may be the best option. We are happy to answer any questions though so please feel free to contact us.

No – we provide nutrition appointments for a range of reasons, not just travel nutrition. While travel nutrition is a focus and speciality of Nutted Out Nutrition, we still provide appointments for any need you have when it comes to nutrition support and advice.

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