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Eating Well When Busy Is Hard, Eating Well While Travelling Frequently For Work And Staying On Top Of Your Job, Can Be Even Harder.

You have a different lifestyle to many – frequent traveling takes its toll on the body and many of your food and lifestyle choices are out of your control. There may be times when you have enjoyed a few snacks or drinks in the lounge or on the plane that you wouldn’t normally have at home – but how do you find a dietitian/nutritionist that actually understands your lifestyle and isn’t going to provide you with unrealistic advice that doesn’t fit with your travelling lifestyle?

That Is Where I Come In!

While I am a dietitian and nutritionist, I am also a Oneworld Emerald Frequent Flyer, and personally have an understanding of the challenges and experiences of people who travel frequently for work (or for fun). This experience, along with my nutrition qualifications, means I am perfectly positioned to provide expert advice that is useful to people who constantly find themselves on the road (or in the air).

Now you may be wondering whether my advice would be useful for you. Nutrition is so important for all areas of our health, including our work health, and getting it right is essential. There are so many areas of travelling where nutrition advice could benefit you – here are some areas:

  • Airline Lounge – what should I be eating in an airline lounge?
  • Timezone changes – what to eat when travelling through multiple timezones?
  • Plane food – what should I eat on the plane?
  • Jetlag and fatigue – can nutrition help reduce that awful feeling?
  • Stress – how can food and nutrition be used to help improve mental health?
  • Which airport lounge is healthier?
  • Hotel breakfasts – what should I have?
  • What to have for dinner? Is room service a good choice?
  • To snack or not to snack?

So, it doesn’t matter whether you turn left or right, I have flown in all travel classes (Economy, Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class), and have done many ‘lounge crawls’ in my time so no matter who or what you fly I can help with advice.

For personal advice or for more information please contact me

Consultancy Services For The Travel Industry

If you are an airline, hotel, travel agent or travel industry provider, I provide consultancy services on all things food, nutrition and health. Many people are becoming more health conscious, especially when it comes to food, and food forms such a large part of travel. It doesn’t matter if your customers are travelling for work or for fun, chances are somewhere on their trip something related to nutrition will arise. It could be anything from food allergy and intolerance needs, to a new diet or eating pattern they are following, to health goals and needs (e.g. high cholesterol or blood pressure), to great (or bad) plane food experiences. Having a nutrition expert on hand can provide businesses in the travel industry with a winning edge so they can meet all the needs of their customers while providing them with great food, eating experiences or services.  I mean many airlines have celebrity chefs design meals to help them taste good – why not combine this with a dietitian to make meals delicious and healthy too!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or queries you may have about how I could benefit your business.

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