Airline lounge nutrition reviews!

As a seasoned frequent flyer, I have been in my fair share of airline lounges. And in each one I cant help but cast my dietitian-trained eye over the food and drink options (usually to the annoyance of my husband). When I am choosing a lounge to visit, good quality, nutritious food options are at the top of my list (along with good whisky). So I introduce to you my new airline lounge nutrition reviews!

Airline lounge reviews – with a nutrition twist!

I will be reviewing different airline lounges from around the world, and rating them based on their food options. But I won’t just be looking at them from a food quality perspective, but also from a nutrition and dietary perspective. From this I hope you will be able to make the appropriate lounge choice for your individual situation. No matter whether you are travelling for work or for fun – you can make the right lounge choice and food decisions to suit your lifestyle and health goals.

I will be taking into a consideration a range of factors when reviewing a lounge and the give an overall ‘lounge food and nutrition rating’. That way when you are travelling you can use these ratings in conjunction with some of the other fabulous lounge reviews out there. You can take into account food and nutrition considerations, alongside other important lounge factors such as seats, wi-fi, opening hours, location etc.

Why would an airline lounge nutrition review be important?

Food… food, food, glorious food everywhere. And for free. If you travel once a year for leisure then you don’t have to worry too much. Enjoy yourself, the food, and your trip.

However if you are someone who seems to find themselves on a plane at least once every few months, then these reviews are for you. When traveling our routines are thrown out – we are not in charge of the foods we eat on most occasions (think at the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, work lunches and dinners etc). Slow, gradual weight gain can occur over time, and if you have a medical issue that is related to diet then your food choices become even more important.

There have been too many times I have seen people in lounges making not great food choices (and while I don’t like to judge as I don’t know their personal circumstances, there are times when no matter what the circumstances those choices are not great).

If these reviews can help people make even small dietary changes then that is a win for me. I am not someone who wants you to eat foods you don’t like, or avoid all foods in the lounge. I want to give you the tools to make your own decisions and help you navigate your way through the difficult food and nutrition choices you face while travelling.

So stay tuned! I will be reviewing airline lunges from around the world that I have personally visited – I am your travel dietitian!

If there is travel nutrition information or advice you would like – don’t forget to contact me! I have personal and industry travel nutrition services available.

Airline lounge nutrition reviews! - airline lounge nutrition reviews
Travel Dietitian, Mel, in Qantas Domestic Business Class Lounge – Melbourne Australia

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