Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period)

Singapore airlines Krisflyer Lounge Changi Airport
Rating: 6/10

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period)

I didn’t expect to be in this lounge in January 2022 so being able to review this was a nice surprise! The Tonga volcano caused me to be re-routed through Singapore from Japan whilst I was travelling back from Helsinki, Finland on my way to Melbourne, Australia.

So while Oneworld airlines are my preferred choice of travel, I found myself on Singapore Airlines instead of Japan Airlines from Narita, Japan to Australia. And I was not too upset by this as it gave me a chance to check out Singapore Airlines which I normally do not fly. And that meant while transiting through Changi airport in Singapore, I got to try out the Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge for the first time, as normally in Changi you would find me kicking back in either the Qantas or British Airways Lounge.

I wasn’t sure what to expect since Omicron was affecting travel across the globe, but I was pleasantly surprised. Now I have no pre-covid experience to compare this too, but I found plenty of food variety in the lounge, from both self-serve and A la Carte styles. I really liked this! It gave plenty of options for small snacks (savoury and sweet), all the way through to individually plated hot meals which were ordered either from the kitchen directly or via a QR code.

So let’s take a look!

What’s Healthy?

  • There were fresh fruit and salad options available, mainly in individual packages (which may have to do with covid, but I am not sure). Either way it makes it easy to grab some fruit or a side salad to go with your meal, or as light meal on its own. I suggest no matter what you are eating in the lounge, always make these two sections your first stop and start off with salad or fruit. Then see how hungry you are after.
Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period) - singapore airlines silverkris lounge
Fresh fruit in SilverKris Lounge, Changi Airport.
Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period) - singapore airlines silverkris lounge
Salads in SilverKris Lounge, Changi Airport.
  • The individual portion sizes of nuts were a great offering. They were approximately a ‘handful’ of nuts which is the recommended serve to have each day. While it is unfortunate they were served in a much larger plastic cups, please remember I focus on food and nutrition reviews, not environmental reviews. So while I do not find this ideal, I am just considering the food at this stage. I suspect this might be a Covid precaution and am happy for any Star Alliance frequent flyers who visited this lounge pre-covid to comment on whether nuts were served like this previously.
Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period) - singapore airlines silverkris lounge
Nut snacks in SilverKris Lounge at Changi, Airport
Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period) - singapore airlines silverkris lounge
The serving size of nuts is about 1 handful which is a good size
  • There was a nice balance of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals in this lounge which would help suit a wide variety of tastes and dietary requirements. Some examples of dishes that I do not have pictures of included Vegetarian Paneer Tikka Masala, Vegetable Pulao and Duck Rice. However, similar to many of the pictures you will see below, these dishes also included a significant carbohydrate component without many vegetables and so need to be considered carefully.

Not so great (caution).

  • The Buffalo Chicken and Pasta dish is pretty much what the name suggests – just plain pasta (with some herbs) and chicken with a sauce. The pasta did have a couple slices of what I think was a vegetable but I wasn’t actually sure what it was – but there were so few slices it didn’t add much to the meal. The meal was still predominantly chicken and pasta. I didn’t like it much as I didn’t think it had much flavour to it, and the sauce seemed rather sticky/greasy.
Buffalo chicken Krisflyer lounge Changi Singapore
Buffalo Chicken and Pasta
  • Another dish on the western style menu was a lasagne. While it wasn’t plated in a very appealing way, the taste was ok. It was mostly pasta and a cheesy white sauce, without much meat. However I liked it more as it had tomato based sauce than the other lasagne I had in a recent trip to a Qantas lounge. I would have liked to have seen more meat based filling and vegetables in this dish, even if you can pick up a side salad from the buffet.
Lasagne Krisflyer Lounge Changi Singapore
  • Yes I know Dim Sums are many peoples favourites, (and I have to say I quite liked these Dim Sum) but before you judge me remember the main angles of my reviews are from a nutrition standpoint. A few things to note regarding this serving of Dim Sum and to why I placed them here. First the Siew Pau (Pork Bun) only had two very tiny pieces of pork in the centre – it was mainly white dough and a sticky, sweet sauce. This means it is mainly refined carbohydrates, and for the kilojoules (calories) you are not really getting any benefit (i.e. not very nutrient dense). The dumplings were a prawn dumpling and two chicken/seafood dumplings. While these would provide a source of protein and will help lower the Glycemic Index of the meal, meaning it will help slow digestion down, these carbohydrates still don’t contain much fibre. While one piece on its own might seem quite small, these types of foods can be easy to overeat.
Dumplings and Dim Sum Krisflyer lounge Changi Singapore
Dim Sum with Siew Pau (Pork Bun), Har Gow (Prawn Dumpling) and Siew Mai (Chicken Seafood Dumpling)
  • Ok so my note about this meal of Beehoon and Vegetarian Dumplings is similar to above. The dish was mainly noodles – again refined carbohydrate without any fibre or protein. And while the dumplings were vegetarian with vegetables and a mock meat, the amount of vegetables that can be squeezed into a dumpling is quite small and unlikely to add up to 1 serve. So unless you add a salad from the buffet bar, a meal such as this is basically low-fibre carbohydrates which gives you a lot of energy, without being very nutrient dense.
Singapore airlines Krisflyer Lounge Changi Airport
Beehoon with Vegetarian Dumplings
  • Now I had pause and really think about where to put the Laksa – what is good about it is has both plant (bean curd) and non-plant based protein (quail eggs and fish cakes). However Laksas can be high in energy due to the presence of coconut milk and are mainly rice noodles, and they can also be quite high in sodium (salt). So I have placed it here as more of a word of caution – if you enjoy Laksas then make sure you have a vegetable dish/salad on the side, and also don’t have other foods that have a lot of soy sauce (also high in sodium).
Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period) - singapore airlines silverkris lounge
  • Ok so I don’t need to say much about the muffins or pastries – these are high energy, treat foods which should be limited. I did like how they were individually portioned and they were quite small – a mouthful really. So while I do advise caution with these, if you do choose to have them then the small portion size means you will be having approximately 1 serve of what we call discretionary foods. There is scope for 1 serve of discretionary foods on some days in your eating plans, but it is important you then chose when you will eat something like this – here in the lounge or on the plane.
Blueberry muffins Krisflyer lounge
Blueberry muffins
Chocolate muffin
Small size of the muffins – this one is a chocolate muffin
Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi (Covid period) - singapore airlines silverkris lounge
Chocolate croissants in the Singapore Airlines Krisflyer lounge at Changi Airport

Last word from travel food and nutrition review for Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Changi

I had big expectations for this lounge since it is their flagship business class lounge at their home hub. However since I was there during the Covid period (while there were entry restrictions to Singapore and transit rules) I have tried to make sure my expectations are realistic.

Overall, I thought this lounge was good from a travel nutrition perspective because it offered a range of foods from snacks, to full meals so you could really tune into your appetite and future flying plans, and eat accordingly. A big tick in my travel nutrition book. However I did find the hot meals to be very low fibre, carbohydrate heavy (to be expected due to majority having a Singaporean and Chinese influence), and so real care needs to be taken when choosing foods. It can be hard to eat a balanced meal if not actively thinking about it, but it can be done.

For more information on my visits to airport lounges, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram or Tik Tok. And I always love hearing from you so if you want personalised advice or consultancy services please reach out.

NOTE: All pictures are my own and I review a lounge from just the foods and menu I see during my visit. There may be different options available at other times.

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Airline Lounge Nutrition Review Rating:
Singapore Airlines
T3 Changi Airport, Singapore
Business Class
Time of Visit/Date:
18 January 2022 at 8pm
Lounge Food Serving Style (Self-serve / Al la Carte):
Self serve and A la Carte
Style/Theme of Food:
Singaporean, Chinese and Western
Allergy and Intolerance information available:

There was a note on the QR code menu “Please approach our staff if you have any dietary requirements”, however there were no dietary requirements labels or symbols on any of the dishes on the QR code menu. The only label was an indication of level of spiciness.

There were dietary requirements, such as allergen warnings, on the physical food plate examples in the lounge. These signs had “contains” labels for example the Lasagne below has listed on its label a warning it “contains milk”. But this seems to just be on the labels for the hot dishes. I did not see any dietary requirement labels on self serve foods such as muffins.

Allergen warning on Lasagne in Krisflyer lounge at Changi Airport

Is there a limit to the amount of food you can have?:

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