Healthy frittata!

Only ever see frittata on the no go list in ‘diet instructions’ or in a cafe window looking deliciously wicked?

Well no more!

Frittatas can be a healthy meal, especially when you make them yourself. I always find it sad when I say I ate frittata for dinner or take it to work as leftovers for lunch and I get looks from people which say ‘you are a dietitian and you are eating that’???

Yes, frittatas can be unhealthy kilojoule laden dishes with little or no nutrition. But they can also be deliciously healthy meals! You just need to be aware.

First of all, eggs are healthy- gone are the days that eggs were bad for cholesterol. The Heart Foundation says people can enjoy 6 eggs per week as part of a healthy diet (even if you have high cholesterol). They are full of healthy nutrients and are a great source of protein.

Next, frittatas are an easy dish to add lots of colourful vegetables to (that even kids and fussy eaters will love)- here are a few of my favourites to add: pumpkin, broccoli, baby spinach, capsicum, mushroom, tomato and red onion.

Also you can boost the flavour by adding some extra protein such as chicken, salmon, tuna or light cheese.

Finally, you can get creative with herbs and spices! I love adding thyme to mine!

Here is an example of a tasty frittata from the Australian Healthy Food Guide

Tips to make a healthier frittata are:

  • reduce the amount of fat in your frittata (you don’t have to smother it in full fat cheese and you don’t have to use full cream milk AND butter in the egg mixture)
  • don’t add the entire salt container (I even challenge you why you would need salt at all with herbs, spices and pepper)
  • add as many vegetables as you like- you can never have too many!

Here is a picture of my latest frittata I made with my flatmate- delicious!!!!

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