Guacamole…why does it come in a tube?

Browsing my local supermarket shelves with hubby brought to my attention a strange new product- squeezy guacamole in a tube. For convenience? Now I can understand its place (easy to use if you don’t have any avocados on hand and I support food industry for innovation) however I don’t understand what is so hard about making guacamole! It is mainly avocado with some simple ingredients to flavour as you like- not something I feel needs convenience.

What really annoyed me was not the squeezy bottle, but the number of guacamole dips etc. available, that upon inspection of the ingredient list, had barely any avocado in them! Avocado was basically a small flavouring in amongst cream cheese and additives!

Who wants all those additives for something as simple as smooshing avocado into a bowl? I suspect that many people don’t know what is going into these dips and think it is mainly avocado! Check out the picture of a random (it is not necessarily the brand in the background as this is just the dips shelf in the background) ‘guacamole dip’ I picked up in the supermarket- look where avocado comes in at 8%, behind salt and additives!

Anyway enough of my rant… I wanted to bring your attention to this as I have been making my own guacamole for me and hubby to enjoy on a relaxing Friday evening, and I wanted to show you how easy and delicious it can be. I really want to get people to come back to know how to take a few simple ingredients and create something delicious! Don’t get me wrong- I love dips and I think some of the flavours created today are quite innovative and tasty, however I don’t feel that something as simple as guacamole needs to be this complicated and it is something simple that people can start getting back to the kitchen to make.

So I thought I would show you a couple of my simple guacamoles that take me no more than 5 minutes to whip up.

Firstly I like chunky guacamole, so in mine I have:

  • half an avocado
  • half a chopped up tomato (tiny cubes)
  • quarter chopped up red capsicum (tiny cubes)

And then just smoosh all together in a small bowl!

Where areas hubby likes not many chunks and spicy! So for him I do:

  • half an avocado
  • chilli
  • dash of lime juice
  • dash of tabasco
  • 1-2 slices of chopped up tomato

And of course smooshed all together!

I serve up with broken up corn thins (as I love guacamole with a corn cracker flavour) as a healthy alternative to corn chips. Here is a picture of some delicious guacamole I whipped up for hubby last week.

My simple and delicious guacamole- made in 5 minutes! How easy is that!

But you can choose your flavours to suit you! I also love red onion chopped finely in mine and sometimes a little garlic as well- depends on my mood.

I hope this has inspired you to look to the kitchen a little more and whip up some simple and delicious foods. At Nutted Out Nutrition we understand that this is not possible all the time, but sometimes some little hints and handy tips are all you need for some inspiration!


Remember avocados are a fabulous healthy food. Full of healthy monounsaturated fats (but remember too much can add unwanted kilojoules so remember to have healthy fats in moderate amounts), vitamin E, vitamin C and antioxidants to name a few of the nutritious benefits.

I was also interested to learn of the three common types here in Australia (from Coles September Magazine):

Shepard– oval in shape and green even when ripe

Hass– oval in shape and purple when ripe

Reed– round and green even when ripe

Check out Australian Avocados for more information

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