How is your exercise going this winter… slipping away?

We just talked about you how important it is to stay healthy over winter and we all know food plays a role. But we mustn’t forget about the other very important factor… and it is one that most people will stop doing over winter cause it’s cold, dark and yucky.

And that is exercise and being active in general.

So we asked the fabulous guys at Urban Workout to let us know their top tips for staying active throughout winter and keeping motivated. Andrew and his team are experts at helping clients not only reach their health and weight goals, but also in making physical activity enjoyable! Here is what Andrew and his team had to say…

With Winter well and truly upon us it’s easy to consider hibernation until the weather warms and Spring is upon us. But just because the temperature has dropped it doesn’t mean regular exercise has to with it. Sure it can be a little more challenging but at Urban Workout we have come up with a few ways to keep you motivated, exercising and feeling great through these colder months.

Stay Positive

During Winter it’s very easy to find reasons not to exercise. However we all know how much better we feel after exercising. So focus on a reason to exercise, rather than the excuse not to. Get started and before you know it the session will be done and you will be feeling much better and warmer for it.

Train with friends or family

Once again it’s easy to make the decision not to exercise when it’s cold and it’s the last thing you feel like doing. If the time is booked in with a friend or family member then you can hold each other accountable and make sure it gets done.

Book an active midwinter escape

Whilst not everyone will be able to head to the sun in Europe, 3 or 4 days away in some sun with lots of activities is a great way to recharge the batteries whilst working your way through a cold winter. Get it booked!!!

Exercise straight after work without going home

It’s hard to come home into the warmth and then turn around and head outside into the elements to exercise. So don’t go home in between. Pack your exercise gear and get it done before or after work.

Dress appropriately, rug up and embrace the cold

Winter doesn’t have to mean solitary confinement in your lounge room. Get some warm clothes and head out and embrace it. It might be the snow you enjoy, going for a hike or a bike ride. Make sure you take a safety first approach with the weather of course.

Keep moving to stay healthy and boost immunity

Exercising regularly and eating well over the winter is a great way to boost immunity. So keep in mind that whilst your exercising you’re actually doing yourself a favour and reducing your chances of getting sick.

And dont forget, that to keep physically active and improve your fitness, your diet and the foods you eat are incredibly important. So why not make an appointment with myself to brush up on the latest evidence and advice for matching your food and diet to your training and exercise habits.

Just think of how good you will feel come spring when you are already on the way to reaching your goals!

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