New travel nutrition services coming!

Exciting news!Β In 2019 Nutted Out Nutrition will begin to offer a range of new services relating to travel nutrition and corporate nutrition.

Travel nutrition – what is happening?

As a dietitian who travels frequently (for both work and holidays), I understand the many challenges to eating well and staying active that come with living out of a suitcase. As a tiered frequent flyer, I started providing travel nutrition tips and hacks on Nutted Out Nutrition’s InstagramΒ whenever I was in an airline lounge or in a premium cabin to help people with their food and drink choices. These posts turned out to be popular, so I have decided to expand these services to individualised advice to patients and consultancy services for the travel industry.

Individual appointments will be flexible and online to meet the needs of busy travelers. You could be anywhere in the world, even in any airline lounge, and I can guide you on the best foods to have to help you continue to meet your health goals!

I am currently in the process of developing these services so watch this space in early 2019 for more information!

If you are interested in these services please don’t hesitate to contact meΒ now! However please note until 16 January 2019 I will be traveling in Europe and so my responses may be a little delayed.

In the meantime, watch my travel nutrition hacks on Instagram to start your healthier travel journey today!

travel nutrition

What about general nutrition appointments at Nutted Out Nutrition’s locations?

After working on a number of new nutrition opportunities in 2018 (including doing my PhD), I have made the difficult decision to stop providing patient services from our current locations. AfterΒ 8 wonderful years of providing nutrition and dietetic appointments from Melbourne, I have decided for now it is time to grow Nutted Out Nutrition in a different direction.



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