Spring is here! Looking for inspiration for spring recipes? Introducing Salads of the World!

Well spring has certainly arrived in Melbourne- the weather is warming up and lots of people are looking for support and advice to help them reach their health goals.

So we thought we would do a new series of blogs to help inspire you to include more whole foods in your diet, more plant foods, but most of all to show you that ‘healthy’ foods do not have to be ‘boring’.

When spring rolls around each year, many people have the goal of losing some weight ready for summer (how did you go over winter- any kilos creep on??) and we see people who overhaul their diet, start ‘living off salads’ and in about 4 weeks all their hard work stops as they are either hungry all the time or they get ‘sick’ of the foods they have started eating and end up going back to their old ways.

Well we want to show you that cleaning up your eating for spring doesn’t have to mean just garden salads (not that there is anything wrong with garden salads)… soooooooo welcome to our series on:

Salads of the World!

We want to bring you ideas and inspirations from around the world; to help spice up your meals and introduce you to lots more possibilities for ‘healthy eating’ – Β so healthy eating is not a chore… but something you enjoy!

Since I just came back from a holiday in the US of A I thought I would start there… Cobb Salad! Cobb Salad is a popular salad in the USA; similar to a garden salad here in Australia it packs a little more punch.

Cobb Salad Β 

Here are generally the ingredients for a Cobb Salad (you may find some variations):

Photo courtesy of http://www.faithfulworkouts.com/cookbook/cobb-salad

Chopped salad greens (Lettuce, watercress etc)
Blue Cheese
Red wine vinegar
Olive oil

How delicious! And packed with nutrients; think protein from the chicken and egg, healthy fats from the avocado, lycopene and antioxidants from tomatoes and folate from dark green leafy vege.

Now the bacon and the blue cheese can add a few extra kilojoules for not much nutrient benefit. So we recommend only adding small amounts for flavour, rather than these being a main part of the dish. Also keep the oil to a small amount- just enough to cover it, dont drown it (this way you get the benefits of the nutrients without the extra energy).

And dont necessarily stop there- think of other vegetables you like and add those! The sky is the limit!

And you could add small amounts of good quality carbohydrates to it by stirring through some quinoa!

Keep watching out for more of our Salads of the World!

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