My Travel Nutrition Interview with Chat Flights

Hear what I think on lounges, plane food and how to eat healthy in a hotel!

I recently sat down with Jonas from Chatflights and discussed all things travel nutrition: airport lounges, plane food, as well as how you can stay healthy when living in hotels. Check out the interview here – you might even find out my favourite three places I have been in the world (and yes they all have to do with food)!

In the interview I discuss the following travel nutrition questions:

  • Tell us about yourself, your job as a dietitian and how that got you into travel?
  • As a Qantas Platinum member you’ve flown a fair bit on the world’s top airlines. Could you name an airline that does a good job with its onboard catering from a nutrition perspective, and an airline that doesn’t do so well?
  • Airlines are under strict budget constraints (more so than ever these days), is that something that has hindered them from providing more nutritious meal options onboard and in the lounges or is it also a matter of passenger preferences?
  • While on the subject of nutrition, what effect does alcohol have and are there any types of alcohol that are better than others from a nutrition perspective?
  • What are your best tips for eating and staying healthy on long business trips?
  • On the subject of travel. Could you name your top three hidden travel gems?

Thanks Jonas for having me!

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Melissa Adamski Travel Dietitian
I just love being a Travel Dietitian and Nutritionist – here I am in the Air NZ Koru Lounge in Auckland, New Zealand.

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