Travel Nutrition Services Are Back in 2021!

A quick note to say I am back and offering my travel nutrition services in 2021!

And I wanted to explain a bit about why I haven’t been very active in this area over the last year.

I decided to hit pause in early 2020 on offering my services due to Covid and where I live. You may be asking why I had to take timeout for the whole of 2020 when many people were still travelling. Well, I live in Australia (Melbourne to be specific), and for all my followers overseas who may not be aware of the situation here in Australia, this means I am not allowed to leave the country and have not been allowed since March 2020. Our international borders are shut, and you need a permit to leave the country (and doing travel reviews doesn’t quite cut it for an essential reason to leave). AND on top of not being able to travel internationally, for 8 months of 2020 I was also in lockdown in Melbourne. And during this time from July – November 2020 the entire country had closed it’s borders to people from Melbourne, which meant I could not travel anywhere. Actually, I couldn’t even travel outside of Melbourne for most of this time. I did a few essential trips to see a terminally ill relative in April-June 2020, but that was before the second Melbourne lockdown – the small number of trips I have done over the last 12 months you can see on my Instagram.

So because I couldn’t travel and personally couldn’t experience travel I thought it best to hit pause. Personally, experiencing everything I review and provide advice on is one of the main pillars of my services – I am a frequent flyer and traveller just like you and so you know when I provide recommendations or reviews it comes from my professional experience as a dietitian/nutritionist and my personal experience. So if I couldn’t travel, then I didn’t think it was right to continue providing advice and reviews third hand.

And so there you have it! Because I couldn’t travel anywhere, and for my mental health of being in lockdown for so long, I made the decision to take time out and not try and launch my new travel nutrition services in 2020. I would wait until I could get back in the air and on the road.

Will my Australian travels be relevant to you if you live overseas or not travelling?

Absolutely they will! If you live outside of Australia you will still be able to get travel nutrition tips and advice you can use, regardless of whether I am travelling exclusively in Australia or not. I will always try and make my content applicable where I can to anyone.

And even if you are not travelling much at the moment due to your current Covid situation, that is ok. I will still be providing advice and information you can apply to your lifestyle and personal situation. While travel nutrition services are one of the main services I offer, I also provide nutrition consultancy advice to businesses.

So stay tuned for all new travel nutrition information!

I look forward to getting back to my travel nutrition services – get ready for a big 2021 (well as big as I can make it with this current environment).

Travel Nutrition Services Are Back in 2021! - Travel nutrition services
Good to be back in the Qantas Business Class Lounge at Melbourne airport

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