Why you should consider travel nutrition services

Most of us don’t eat well…

Good nutrition underpins every aspect of our health, but here in Australia (and many other part of the world) we are falling far behind in our nutrition report card.

Less than 10% of us are eating the recommended amounts of vegetables each day, and we are getting more than 1/3 of our daily energy (that is kilojoules/calories) from foods that are not healthy for us, what you might know as ‘junk foods’. Now you might be wondering whether 30% of energy from junk foods is a bad thing – absolutely it is – considering we are recommended to have no junk foods on most days of the week.

Now what does this have to do with travel nutrition you may be wondering?

Basically, it can be hard enough to eat well when we are at home, put the pressures of heavy workload, domestic or international travel, access to constant free food and drink, and jet lag and fatigue, and eating well can be near impossible for many.

Not only does travel make eating well harder, nutrition intake can also have an effect on many factors associated with travel such as fatigue, stress and mental health, bowel health and bloating, and many other factors.

So essentially it can be a circular issue – travel affects our nutrition status, and our nutrition status can affect how we react to travel.

There is already so much confusion around what to eat and which foods are best for us, and there is no right or wrong answer as we are all individuals. Personalised support and advice is essential for people to know not only the right nutrition information, but how to be able to apply this to foods within an frequent traveler environment.

As a frequent traveler myself (with tiered frequent flyer status and experience travelling in all travel classes), yes, I enjoy a whisky or bubbles like everyone else. It’s life, it happens. It’s how you manage this that I can help you with. I tell you this so that you know I’m no text book hypocrite…I get it.

I can guide and support busy travelers so you can make the best food and drink choices while travelling, without it interfering with your day to day business.

So you are interested in travel nutrition services – where can you get started?

  1. Follow Nutted Out Nutrition on social media – Instagram is where you will follow Melissa’s food and nutrition advice around the world through airport lounges/hotels and on planes, Facebook for latest travel nutrition news and information, and Twitter for general nutrition information and discussions!
  2. Check out our Travel Nutrition Services page
  3. Contact Us to make an appointment or to ask any questions you like
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Just your dietitian relaxing in the old Finnair Premium Lounge in the international terminal in Helsinki bringing you travel nutrition advice!

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