Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland Food and Nutrition Review

Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport
Rating: 7/10

Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland Food and Nutrition Review

Flying from Warsaw, Poland to Helsinki, Finland on Finnair saw me visit the Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport. This lounge is used by a range of airline alliances, including Oneworld. Being Oneworld Emerald status I was able to access this lounge.

This is a third party operated lounge and I found it quite comfortable and quiet, with a variety of foods on offer. Pretty good for the fairly short Schengen flight I was taking.

So lets take a look at the lounge and the foods on offer.

What’s Healthy?

  • My attention was first drawn to these individual servings of vegetable crudites and hummus. A really nutritious food pairing for either a snack or as a side to a more substantial meal. Hummus is a great dip – made from chickpeas and tahini (sesame seeds) this dip is full of plant protein, fibre and healthy fats.
Vegetable sticks and hommus Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport
Vegetable sticks and hummus
  • A selection of cheeses were on offer which could be added as a side to the vegetable crudites and dip, or to a slice of rye bread as a snack.
Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland Food and Nutrition Review - Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin
A variety of cheeses
  • There were also small wraps and a salad available. It was good to see the wraps were served in small slices. Having them served in small slices like this helps to reduce the refined carbohydrates while still providing the flavour. They are a good size for a snack or to eat with a side of salad.
Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland Food and Nutrition Review - Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin
Cheese, wraps and a salad
  • How cute are these little fruit and cheese sticks? I love how the fruits and the cheese complement each other in flavour. Also they are a nice small portion size, which is great as you can get the delicious flavours and feel satisfied, without eating a large amount.
Fruit and cheese sticks Fantazja lounge warsaw chopin airport
Fruit and cheese sticks
  • A variety of breads were available and the standout was the rye bread. Great to see breads other than just white available. White breads are not as nutritious as dark brown breads such as rye breads due to the way they are made (nutritious parts of grains are removed during the processing).
Breads in Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport
A variety of breads including rye bread
  • There were also fresh fruit, nuts, yogurts, milk and plant-based milk and cereal (corn flakes and muesli).

Not so great. Caution.

  • There were three hot food options available: a bolognaise pasta, a gnocchi like dumpling, and a pastry with spinach and cheese. Unfortunately the gnocchi/dumpling and pastry did not have much filling in them and were quite heavy and stodgy. The bolognaise had a nice flavour but did not have many vegetables – it was mainly meat and pasta. There was also no hot vegetable dish which was disappointing.
Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland Food and Nutrition Review - Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin
Gnocchi/dumplings, Pastry with cheese and spinach, bolognaise pasta
  • There was a large selection of wrapped chocolates and sweets available. I must admit I hadn’t tried that brand before and so was very tempted to pick one of each colour as they were displayed so nicely in bowls according to the different varieties. There were also pastries such as croissants available.
Chocolates and pastries Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport Poland
Pastries, chocolates and sweets
  • There were a range of deli meats including ham and salami. Processed meats have been preserved by adding of salt or other preservatives and it is recommended not to eat these regularly. So only have a slice if you really like what is on offer.
Cold buffet Fantazja lounge Warsaw Chopin airport
Deli meats and desserts

Last word from travel food and nutrition review for Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport, Poland.

I would definitely visit this lounge again for the food. Being a third party lounge my expectations weren’t high but I thought the variety of food was good and you could make a fairly healthy balanced meal.

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NOTE: All pictures of Fantazja Lounge Warsaw Chopin Airport are my own and I review a lounge from the foods and menu I see during my visit. There may be different options available at other times.

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Airline Lounge Nutrition Review Rating:
Fantazja Lounge
Airline Alliance:
Warsaw Chopin Airport
Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire, Skyteam Elite Plus, Star Alliance Gold, and by invitation from a range of other airlines.
Time of Visit/Date:
11am, 18 January 2023
Lounge Food Serving Style (Self-serve / Al la Carte):
Self-serve buffet
Style/Theme of Food:
Allergy and Intolerance information available:

Unfortunately I did not get any clear pictures of the food labels. The labels were written in both Polish and English with information about the dish underneath the name.

Is there a limit to the amount of food you can have?:

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