Rex Lounge Melbourne Airport Food and Nutrition Review (breakfast)

Chips Rex Lounge Melbourne
Rating: 2/10

Rex Lounge Melbourne Airport Food and Nutrition Review (breakfast)

It’s about time I dusted off my priority pass membership and checked out the Rex Lounge at Melbourne Airport. Rex Airlines (or Regional Express Airlines) has been expanding from being a regional airline to a challenger to the monopoly on the popular golden triangle. Offering both economy and business class, people often ask if there are airport lounges they can access when flying. Rex have a number of small lounges across their network which can be accessed when flying business class, if you purchase access, if you have a Rex membership or if you are member of priority pass (no matter which airline you are flying). So lets take a look at the Rex Lounge Melbourne at breakfast.

First thing that I noticed was all foods were packaged foods. Nothing was freshly prepared or cooked in the lounge. Most of the foods were also not suitable for breakfast as not only were they packaged, but they were mostly snack-type foods such as chips (crisps), cookies and muffins.

What’s healthy?

  • It was good to see small slices of cheese and yogurts available. These foods are good sources of protein, and the yogurt is a source of slowly digestible carbohydrates. The yogurts did not have a nutrition information panel so I could not see the ingredients and whether there was any added sugar.
Cheese yogurt Rex lounge Melbourne
Cheese, yogurt and almond milk in Rex Lounge Melbourne

Not so great. Caution.

The majority of the foods are ultra-processed packaged foods. There were a variety of chips (crisps) and muffins available, along with chocolate biscuits and cookies. Popcorn was also available which is sometimes considered a healthy snack. While popcorn usually has less kilojoules and fat than chips (crisps), this brand is a source of salt (sodium) with a higher than recommended salt content.

Chips Rex Lounge Melbourne
Chips and chocolate biscuits Rex Lounge Melbourne
Muffins Rex Lounge Melbourne
Muffins Rex Lounge Melbourne
Rex Lounge Melbourne Airport Food and Nutrition Review (breakfast) - Rex lounge
Popcorn, water crackers and cookies

Cereals are quite processed foods and have varying amounts of added salt, sugar and fat added to them, while some are also low in fibre. I have placed the tray of cereals in the caution section due to varying nature of cereals, but keep in mind some are better than others. From the selection available on the morning I was there, Sultana Bran, Weetbix and Just Right would be the better choices.

Cereals Rex lounge Melbourne

Last word from travel food and nutrition review for the Rex Lounge Melbourne Airport

Rex lounges are small with only a limited range of foods – more like a place to get a snack with a cup of tea or cool drink rather than a place to get a meal. The lounges can be a good place to recharge and unwind while travelling, however if you are hungry and it is a main meal time then you may like to visit the food court to purchase a healthier meal. While there were some healthier choices e.g. cheese and crackers, and yogurt, the others were mostly ultra-processed foods. So be careful visiting the lounge when you are really hungry as it could be tempting to overeat on the packaged foods.

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NOTE: All pictures of Rex Lounge Melbourne are my own and I review a lounge from just the foods and menu I see during my visit. There may be different options available at other times.

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