How do I conduct an Airline Lounge Nutrition Review?

Airline Lounge Nutrition Reviews

Are you wondering how I conduct a nutrition review of an airline lounge? I thought it timely with the release of my Airline Lounge Reviews – with a Nutrition Twist, that I tell you a bit more about how I do this. I have written about why I will be conducting nutrition reviews of airline lounges (see my previous post here), but many of you are probably wondering how I do this.

As many of you know, I am a dietitian and nutritionist, and so that gives me a unique perspective to review the food options in airline lounges. I have been travelling through airline lounges around the world for the last 10 years and nothing is worse than getting to a lounge and having poor quality food options.

Now for me, it is not just about the quality of the food offered, but also about how nutritious the food options are. If you travel regularly this extremely important.

What have I done?

To conduct a nutrition review of an airline lounge, I have developed an assessment criteria that I can apply to any lounge and that provides a score out of 10 for the lounge. I use this, along with qualitative observations about a lounge to provide you with any overview of ‘What’s healthy’ and ‘Not so great- be cautious’.

The criteria have been developed to be able to be used in any lounge around the world, and without having access to any ingredients or nutrition information about the food.

I consider the type of foods that are available and what that means in terms of nutrition and health. I take into account factors such as vegetables, refined carbohydrates, fibre and wholegrains, food variety, protein sources, processed foods etc.

What about other lounge reviews and why are these different?

I hear you! There are some great lounge reviews out there (such as The Points Guy, The Points Guy UK and Points Finder) and my nutrition lounges reviews are in no way trying to replace them. Many lounge reviews include food in their criteria, however not necessarily from a nutrition perspective conducted by a qualified dietitian.

My nutrition lounge reviews can be used in conjunction with your favourite lounge reviews – and I hope they just add more information for you so you can make a good choice as to which lounge to go to, and when you are in a lounge make better food choices.

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And if there are more lounges you would like me to review then just let me know.

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Qantas Melbourne Business Class Lounge Domestic – sandwich fillings and salads

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