New podcast and artcile: jet lag, diet and chrononutrition


I recently sat down with Stuart Forster, the editor of Onboard Hospitality, for their podcast and magazine to talk about jet lag and diet, and the exciting area of nutrition science called chrononutrition. For anyone who works in the travel industry this podcast is for you – listen to the podcast here or read the article here.

Listen to learn about chrononutrition and the travel industry

The area of chrononutrition is very interesting for the travel industry as it essentially looks at the influence of our body clocks, circadian rhythms and diet on our health and how we are feeling. It is basically helping us to answer the question – can diet help prevent or treat jet lag.

I love talking about this topic as it is such an interesting concept – ‘food as medicine’ it is not just about what and how much we eat, but also when we eat.

For more articles on diet and nutrition for long haul flights I have contributed to through media interviews please see here

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