Pregnancy and diet: Eating when pregnant is not always easy.

Good nutrition is essential prior to becoming pregnant and during pregnancy – we know nutrition and diet in the first 1000 days of life (between conception and a child’s second birthday) is one of the most important factors for lifelong health and wellbeing. But eating well is not always easy or even possible during this time. So the big pregnancy and diet question becomes – how do I get all my nutrients in when I just can’t eat? While supplements can be very helpful when feeling unwell during pregnancy (and indeed folate and iodine supplements are recommended preconception and in the first trimester), nutrients and phytochemicals from food are still very important.

This is why I specialise in fertility, pregnancy and diet – providing nutrition and food advice during preconception, pregnancy and fertility journeys to both men and women. I have been there – I have had a difficult pregnancy with severe morning sickness during the first half or pregnancy, and a greatly reduced appetite in the second half of pregnancy. I know what its like to want to eat but can’t, to know that good nutrition is essential but then struggle to achieve it due to not being able to eat. It is one thing to receive nutrition advice on what to eat BUT if it is not practical or achievable then it is useless.

This is why I view each pregnancy as a unique journey with different eating preferences, and I provide my patients with personalised advice. And most importantly I listen, and I hear you. I know when perfect nutrition may not be achievable at each step in a pregnancy, and when just eating is an achievement.

My aims are to balance the right nutrition with enjoying eating. Food is such an enjoyment and during pregnancy this can be taken away. I want to help give enjoyment back, alongside providing adequate nutrition for you and your growing baby. Once I was able to enjoy food again – even in a constant state of feeling unwell – I was much happier.

When it comes to pregnancy and diet many people just think the advice is folic acid supplements at the beginning of pregnancy, and to avoid foods like sushi.

But food and nutrition play a role in so much more during pregnancy journeys including:

  • Morning sickness – vomiting and/or nausea
  • Foods to avoid during pregnancy – and most importantly foods you can eat
  • Specific nutrient requirements during different stages of pregnancy
  • Nutrition for pregnancy with twins, triplets etc (multiples)
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Food allergies/intolerances
  • Heart burn
  • Increased/reduced appetite
  • Travelling while pregnant
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Conception nutrition and first 1000 days (including education on epigenetics)
  • Cravings

As I write this I have my little 8 month old playing next to me and I think back to this time last year – I was just coming out the other side of my horrendous morning sickness and how I was just being able to eat again. Through my work with the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food at Monash University I ran the Food, Fertility and Pregnancy course for healthcare professionals over the last 5 years – so I knew a lot of the technical information to do with pregnancy and diet. BUT having now been pregnant (and a difficult one) I now also have the personal experience. So I know what you are experiencing and together we can work on eating plans to meet your health goals, your babies needs and also your happiness and enjoyment.

You can book an appointment with me for advice on pregnancy and diet and at any stage during your journey – whether you are contemplating pregnancy (preconception), during pregnancy (at any stage – it is never too late), if you have any fertility questions, or even if you are just at an age where you may fall pregnant.

Remember you can book an appointment for any pregnancy and diet question – there are no silly questions. Making an appointment is easy you can book an appointment online or contact me via email or phone anytime.

Pregnancy and diet melissa adamski
My little frequent flyer and I travelling together from Melbourne to Sydney
Pregnancy and diet
My little frequent flyer checking out the Qantas Business Lounge – looking for a banana to eat

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