Not long now till Spring- how are your winter health goals going?

Can you believe it is the middle of July? Half way through winter already!

But the days are chilly and every morning my alarm goes off I have to wrestle with my mind to make myself get out of bed to da da dammm [insert dramatic music] EXERCISE!!!!!


When people find out I still get up in the morning to exercise in the middle of winter I get a few looks and comments, mainly around the ‘oh well you are a dietitian…’ what does that supposed to mean? You think just becuase I am a dietitian I dont feel cold, you dont think I sleep in to the exact minute before I have to get up.

I am not exactly bounding out of bed thinking running in the freezing cold, windy (more like cyclone Port Melbourne winds on the beach) and sometimes drizzly weather is fun.

So I thought I would share some of the small changes I make for winter to make exercising easier. Remember exercise is not just about weight, it has many health benefits which is why I keep going even through winter.

  • Firstly know when you prefer to exercise. I love exercising in the morning (which gets a little problematic in winter as I also love the warm toasty doona). But I also know I am more likely to go then than in the afternoon as my afternoon/evenings seem to get gobbled up with work and then before I know it I could easily go days/weeks without exercising. TIP: understand your schedule and work out when exercise best fits for you.
  • Swap your workouts around a little- I am a runner! I love running! But because I also prefer not running in 5 degree weather I have swapped two o my mornings to a hour indoor resistance/interval training workout in my house. There are many apps/fitness channels you can use. I find it easier getting up knowing I am just heading next door and I dont have to venture outside.
  • I have swapped one morning run into running home from work (the long way). I am lucky to be able to walk to and from work. So I have one sleep in in the morning when it is particually chilly, and run home from work instead of walking. I take a long route so it is the same distance so it is same distance as the mornings. I have to get home some way- I may as well run!
  • Workout with a friend! Nothing gets you out of bed like having to meet someone! I used to live in Canberra and a friend and I used to go walking each morning before work- yes in Canberra winter!!!!!! (Now that was cold!!!)! But making plans each evening to walk was what got me out of bed in the morning- there is no way I would have gone on my own!
  • Invest in some warm workout clothes! Having the right clothes can make all the difference. Obviously you dont want to layer up only to overheat 30 minutes later, but you want to make sure you are warm when you start out so your teeth dont chatter out of your head (or more importantly you dont get sick) and that your muscles are warmed up and ready to go! I have bought a few light weight running jackets that are wind proof (since the wind off Port Phillip bay is determined to blow me away).

Anyways I hope those tips are helpful! Remember there are also gyms and indoor PTs but depending on your budget its also good to now there are other options that can help you stay fit and healthy during winter.

And remember we are here to SUPPORT you! While you may not have a specific health condition, come and see us! Sometimes a few appointments are all you need to kickstart/get you back on track! It is our job and we are experst at personalising our advice on nutrition and health to you, including personalising it to different seasons and your different routines and needs.

So book in an appointment with us for advice on how you can use nutrition to get the most out of your winter health goals and stay healthy.


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