Nutrition and workplace health- attention all workplaces

Nutted Out Nutrition has always been passionate about providing realistic advice on nutrition and workplace health and on how people can reach their health goals while at work (and no it doesnt matter what work you do) and promoting a healthy workplace.

So we were very interested to read an article about research on how nutrition and health can affect work productivity as we feel that many workplaces under estimate the importance of good nutrition in helping to reduce sick days and increase productivity.

Research from the Health Enhancement Research Organisation, Bringham University and Centre for Health Research at Healthways showed that employees that regularly ate health meals and exercised had better job performance and less sick days- which is pretty significant!!!!! The study revealed that individuals that ate five or more servings of vegetables and fruits more than four times a week Β were 20 percent more likely to be more productive at work!

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As a workplace, what a simple way of increasing productivity at work- and no I am not talking about boring salads day in and day out at work (ugh work can be boring enough sometimes). What if all it takes for your employees to make small changes to their lunches and eating habits and you have a more productive team?

Nutted Out Nutrition provides expert nutrition and health consultancy services to workplaces to access current environments and provide strategies and expert advice for improving the health and nutrition of your workplace.

We pride ourselves on providing realistic nutrition advice in the context of the location of the workplace, expectations of employees, aims and goals of the business and more. Please contact us to learn more.


As an employee looking to climb that ladder more quickly, or looking for that bonus? What if all it takes to improve your game is some attention to your nutrition and health?

Now I am not talking about strict diets of tuna salads that will last two weeks before you cant stand the sight of tuna anymore (or your colleagues run you out of the office due to the smell)- I am talking about expert advice that is personalised to you and your needs. I am talking about personalised nutrition recommendations that not only take into account your health, but also your likes/dislikes and your work needs and requirements. That way you can make long term changes at work that will benefit your health! Contact us to learn more or make an appointment.


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