News roundup for 2012

  • We would like to welcome our newest team member Helen Duong. Helen is an Accredited Sports Dietitian with Sports Dietitians Australia.
  • Want to learn if a multivitamin is appropriate for you? Choice is investigating marketing claims of vitamin companies in wake of the Olympics. Nutted Out Nutrition’s dietitians can assess your diet and work with you to see whether a vitamin supplement would be beneficial for you
  • Check out Melissa’s latest answers on healthy eating and nutrition on the  Healthshare website – your resource for health questions-
  • Do you have stomach troubles such as bloating, gas, diarrhoea or constipation. Book a consult with us today as we can help you to understand if foods may be affecting you and how you can stop your symptoms and still be healthy.
  • Ooooh the chilly weather is upon us here in Melbourne – book an appointment with us to learn how to warm and comforting foods without the extra kilojoules!
  • Nutted Out Nutrition is now working with Genesis Lonsdale Street to offer you package of nutrition advice and personal training sessions. Special deals on both nutrition and gym services- easy to book appointments during lunch break or after work! Contact us for more information or contact Genesis Lonsdale for information on our nutrition and personal training services
  • Nutted Out Nutrition is now working with Snap Fitness gym in Melbourne CBD to provide nutrition information to it’s members. Contact us or Snap Fitness Melbourne CBD to book a 20 minute consultation with our dietitian.
  • Brides to be – if you would like to lose some weight before your wedding, book an appointment to see one of our dietitians today. Detox diets aimed at brides to be do not work and can promote more weight gain after your wedding. Learn how to lose weight the healthy way and keep it off. To make an appointment, please contact Nutted Out Nutrition today.

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